Sending the right people to Canberra

Putting the right people in CanberraIssues like weekend rates and insecure work are decided in Canberra. Whether money is spent on schools and hospitals or given to big banks is decided in Canberra. United Voice members securing a Job You Can Count On … a large part of that is determined by what happens in Canberra.

Last weekend, United Voice members had a huge victory in sending champions for Jobs You Can Count On into Parliament.

We know we have to fight for fair pay and conditions in our workplaces and in our community, but these members have fought hard to send people to Canberra to battle on our behalf.

For 9 weeks, members in Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania worked hard to elect candidates who understand and support our issues.

These hardworking United Voice members have worked hard to elect United Voice supporters Susan Lamb, Patrick Gorman and Josh Wilson, together with Justine Keay.

United Voice members will now make sure these supporters deliver on what’s promised.

Great work and a great win for all United Voice members.

You deserve a job you can count on. 

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