Cleaning Chemicals Concern Canberra Cleaners

Cleaning chemicals an be HEAPS dangerousCleaners are routinely exposed to dangerous chemicals in their work. Some can cause skin damage or are even carcinogenic.

Recently – a bunch of cleaners in the ACT reported to their Union that they had concerns about what was being used in their workplace.

And it’s lucky they did exercise that right as union members.

United Voice held a WHS inspection after the cleaners reported a lack of information on what they were dealing with.

It was found by the union that had the information been provided, the cleaners would have known that the chemicals were hazardous.

Such hazardous chemicals require the use of personal protective equipment like facemasks and goggles.

48 hours after United Voice demanded action, the appropriate information and guidance sheets have been provided by the company’s senior management.

Everyone deserves a safe job they can count on.

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