DEMANDING action on Educator pay

Fund professional pay NOWEarly childhood educators like Sara in Rockhampton have been hitting the streets for the past two weeks, talking to voters in the Capricornia electorate about their fight for equal pay.

Members of the community have been shocked to learn that despite being qualified professionals, most early educators earn just half the national average wage.

A responsible government would have already fixed this wage crisis, yet the Turnbull Government failed to allocate a single cent to educators in their Federal Budget.

After constant pressure from educators, in the community and online, Malcolm Turnbull’s MP Michelle Landry has finally caved, and agreed to meet with local educator Sara next week.

Great work Sara for speaking out for educators everywhere, keeping the pressure on, and holding our politicians to account!

And Michelle Landry MP - if you're reading this ... United Voice members like Sara will only ramp up the campaign to get the government to prioritise fairness and equality for early educators. So do something about it!

Want to know more about the campaign to get the Government to fund professional pay for every educator? Visit the Big Steps page here. 

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