A big step toward a job they can count on.

Winning jobs they can count onThe Tasmanian Government has committed to not contracting out Education Facility Attendant (EFA) jobs, after EFAs came together in their union.

For many months now, EFAs across Tasmania have been talking to teachers and families about why they need jobs they can count on.

The United Voice members built support among their school communities, with over a thousand postcards written and delivered to the Minister for Education, Jeremy Rockliff.

Under the mounting pressure, the Minister agreed to meet with EFA delegates Ken Martindale, Tracy Brentwood, Rob Terry, Greg Bartels and Deb Patmore.

The Minister was told, in the words of Ken, about “the real value we add to our schools… and how much enjoyment I get from being an integral part [of mine]”.

Greg highlighted what “the impact of losing the Job Security Agreement would have on me and my family”, and also questioned the Education Minister on whether or not their existing conditions would be maintained.

Although the union members didn’t receive answers on their current workplace conditions, they left the meeting with a commitment from the Minister that they would remain directly employed by the Government.

Now they’re ready to organise and win better terms and conditions at work.

Want to firm up your job security? Join your union here. 

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