Health Workers Take Steps Towards A Job They Can Count On

Health Workers Winning Jobs They Can Count OnFor a long time Enrolled Nurses (ENs) in Western Australia have felt like second class citizens in the health system.

There are a lot of instances of them not being used to their full scope of practice or being included in the nursing team.

But they're getting together to change all that. 

As an example of the shabby treatment ENs receive, the Health Department has recently stopped providing a lot of training to help ENs get an IV competency which some hospitals require.

In a lot of instances, ENs have had to attend training in something they already know at their own expense. This can be upwards of $1700!

But they've had enough. 

ENs in the west have asked the state Minister to allow them to run a survey of all EN members to talk about these and many other issues affecting their work.

The Minister and the Health Department have agreed and the members have been running the survey over the last few weeks.

In addition, in the past month or so 64 ENs have joined the Union to make sure they have a strong voice in the health system, leading up to bargaining later in the year.

They've taken a step towards, and haven't lost sight of achieving, a job they can count on. 

And here's your first step to achieving yours. 

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