SA Hairdresser wins back pay

Susan is UnionSusan, a trade qualified hairdresser working in Country Health, recently discovered she was on the wrong pay level. 

With her Union, she did something about it.

"I work mainly on my own, so I wasn't clear on what my entitlements were," Susan said.

"So I spoke to United Voice, and I happened to mention my classification."

Upon further investigation, and trawling through years of payslips, it was discovered Susan should have been paid two levels higher than she was. 

With the backing of the Union's Member Rights Centre, Susan took the matter to her employer and ended up winning six years of back pay. 

"It was a pretty significant amount - enough to buy me a new car and go on a holiday," Susan said.

"In this day and age we are all working harder and you deserve to be paid the right rate for the work you're doing."

"Be proactive. Join your Union."

You can follow Susan's advice here

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