Leave and Entitlements

Leave and entitlements are the parts of our job that allow us to deal with life. They allow us to take time out to look after our families, look after our health and relax.

Our leave and entitlements are, however, under threat. With increased casualisation and insecure work, many of us are faced with limited or no access to these rights.

More than 30% of Australians currently have no entitlement to paid leave.

Around the same number are not being paid their super.

Declining access to leave and entitlements marks a shift in the conditions we have fought hard to win. Our rights at work are increasingly becoming an optional extra at the expense of our livelihoods and our well-being.

Laws that fail to prevent such exploitation are also digging into our pay checks. Inadequate protections are costing us millions of dollars each year.

Joining your union is the smartest decision you can make to defend your entitlements and your right to time off. It was a strong union membership that won these rights in the first place and we’re fighting to preserve them.

Chef Vin Brown turned to his union when he hit rock bottom. His 25 year career as a chef was over after he was diagnosed with a genetic condition. United Voice assisted Vin’s claim for insurance benefit through his superannuation entitlement. That gave him the chance to start a new life.

With the help of his union, Vin received $174,000 disability payout to help him rebuild his life

In Victoria, United Voice campaigned and won portable long service leave for its members in community services, security and contract cleaning. This means that members do not lose their accrued long service leave when contracts change. Workers get to keep their entitlements and can look forward to a well-deserved break when they can access long service leave.

Together, we’re making sure you have a job you can count on.