Permanent Contracts Won

Contracts Win - More fights to comeCleaners at iconic Melbourne landmark Flinders Street Station were forced, after a contract change, to sign casual contracts replacing their permanent positions or lose their jobs completely.

Three union members fought for their jobs and were reinstated on permanent contracts!

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"We can spend time together as a family"

WINNING SECURE HOURSKerry, Pauline, Tammy and Lorri worked as casuals in the kitchens of the Lyell McEwin Hospital for SA Health.

Their casual employment had gone on for some years.

They are covered by an Enterprise Agreement, negotiated by United Voice, which provides a pathway for regular casuals to convert to permanent employment.

Kerry, Pauline, Tammy and Lorri all wanted to go down that pathway, but were all knocked back.

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Sending the right people to Canberra

Putting the right people in CanberraIssues like weekend rates and insecure work are decided in Canberra. Whether money is spent on schools and hospitals or given to big banks is decided in Canberra. United Voice members securing a Job You Can Count On … a large part of that is determined by what happens in Canberra.

Last weekend, United Voice members had a huge victory in sending champions for Jobs You Can Count On into Parliament.

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A big step toward a job they can count on.

Winning jobs they can count onThe Tasmanian Government has committed to not contracting out Education Facility Attendant (EFA) jobs, after EFAs came together in their union.

For many months now, EFAs across Tasmania have been talking to teachers and families about why they need jobs they can count on.

The United Voice members built support among their school communities, with over a thousand postcards written and delivered to the Minister for Education, Jeremy Rockliff.

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Ambos winning safer hours

Safer hours for AmbosAmbos in Pakenham were told that they would be moving to a new roster with 2am finishes every night of the week.

The team refused, offering a maximum of three nights in response.

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Health Workers Take Steps Towards A Job They Can Count On

Health Workers Winning Jobs They Can Count OnFor a long time Enrolled Nurses (ENs) in Western Australia have felt like second class citizens in the health system.

There are a lot of instances of them not being used to their full scope of practice or being included in the nursing team.

But they're getting together to change all that. 

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Workers at small winery producing the goods

Cheers to winningFrom massive workplaces to small employers – everyone deserves a job they can count on.

And this goes to show, if you work together you can win one – no matter where you work.

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Kitchen Hand handed back a handy $5k

Handed back what she's owedA kitchen hand working in aged care has won her wage theft case.

After three years without a pay rise, as well as not being paid properly for the shifts she worked as a cook, a kitchen hand approached her employer regarding her rights and pay. Management did not respond.

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HUGE $40,000 WIN

$40,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A United Voice member in South Australia has just won back $40,000 in unpaid wages.

WOWEE! That’s a MASSIVE win.

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One win on the road to a bigger one

A win at the casinoCasino workers at Star Gold Coast are in the process of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations to determine their pay and conditions in a new agreement.

Due to the fact the negotiations have gone past the expiry of the previous agreement, and the new financial year is the traditional time staff would receive a pay rise, the bargaining team requested an interim pay rise from Star for a show of good faith.

As a result, the company agreed to give every team member under the agreement a 1.5 per cent interim pay rise from July 2.

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Up, Up and EBA

Congrats to all involvedSecurity guards at Canberra airport need jobs they can count on.

When the time came to negotiate a new enterprise agreement, union members got organised.

A job you can count on is one that pays the bills, gives you time with your loved ones, and allows you to plan ahead.

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Airport Cleaners Win Back Toilet Allowance

Winning what you're owedTwo thirds of the cleaning staff at Gold Coast Airport have re-secured their toilet cleaning allowance after it mysteriously dried up.

These United Voice members were initially promised that “nothing would change” when a new employer recently took over the contract, but were dismayed to discover they were no longer receiving their toilet cleaning allowance.

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"Can't Let The Cowboys Win"

"Can't let the cowboys win"Neil worked 4 trial shifts as a cleaner in Hobart and was not paid for them.

But in the words of Neil himself, “You can’t let the cowboys win.”

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Cleaners show strength and have their voice heard

A high point for union solidarityA Job You Can Count On is one where you know when you’ll work. It’s also one where you get a bit of notice and a genuine say if that looks like changing.

Cleaners at Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre recently had their roster changed with no notice.

In a show of strength, cleaning union members from Highpoint turned up on mass for a meeting with management.

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Long Service Leave Win in Rocky

Rocky Seccos Win LSLWhen the security contract at Rockhampton Airport recently changed hands the old contractor wasn’t keen on honouring the long service provisions of two security guards who’d worked for the company continuously for seven years.

But the security guards weren't having that...

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Security Guards Stand Tall

Security Guards Standing TogetherThe bosses keep putting up an unfair deal.... by standing together these security guards keep knocking it down. 

Last week Wilson Security put their unfair agreement to their employees.

In response, these Victorian-based guards voted down the agreement, sending a clear message to Wilson that they have to do better.

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More job security for Teacher Aides

Secure jobsAt a recent visit to Brisbane’s Bayside State College, United Voice delegates and officers heard from members about the importance of having secure, stable hours and permanent work.

One member had been living from contract to contract for the past four years, unable to plan for her future or have any certainty about her hours or pay.

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Tallebudgera Teacher Aides win secure hours

Teacher aides at Tallebudgera State School on the Gold Coast have never been able to secure more than 26 hours per week of work. 

When new hours recently became available, they were told the school would hire new teacher aides instead of offering them the additional hours.

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Sweet Deal for Arnott's Workers

A win at the bikkie factoryArnott’s factory workers have voted in favour of a new enterprise agreement which will secure their existing conditions and add new benefits.

Throughout the three-year term of the agreement, all workers will receive reasonable pay increases, which means their wage will keep up with the cost of living.

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Who you gonna call? YOUR DELEGATE

Delegate helps worker with a job she can count on

When workers negotiate together in their union, they make a huge push toward securing a job they can count on.

Agreements can, however, be tricky to interpret.

Queensland’s ambulance officers recently won a huge pay increase that saw them achieve pay parity with colleagues in other states as part of their new enterprise agreement.

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