DEMANDING action on Educator pay

Fund professional pay NOWEarly childhood educators like Sara in Rockhampton have been hitting the streets for the past two weeks, talking to voters in the Capricornia electorate about their fight for equal pay.

Members of the community have been shocked to learn that despite being qualified professionals, most early educators earn just half the national average wage.

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A win two years in the making

$7,000!!!!!!After two years of being on the incorrect pay increment, a personal care assistant has won their fight for two years’ worth of back pay.

The United Voice NT member, on realising the inconsistency with their level and value of work, took on their employer.

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A win in The People's House

A win in the people's house

When a new cleaning company took over the contract at Parliament House, the workers were told to sign documents that they did not understand.

They were also asked to provide the company with their passport numbers – but not their tax file numbers or super details.

As members of their union, the cleaners knew this wasn’t right and they weren’t going to stand for it.

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A win for respectWhen you speak with a united voice – you can win the things that matter.

Recently, Indigenous Home Care Workers in NSW stood together to win a paid day off during NAIDOC week.

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Here's to a great result!

CHEERS TO WINNINGUnited you bargain. Divided you beg.

Never has this proved truer than at the Coopers Brewery in South Australia, where United Voice members have just won big wage increases and improvements in conditions in their latest Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

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Building Power Within Education

Building Power to WINOver the past month, 14 United Voice Queensland school cleaners and teacher aides have taken time out from their roles to work full-time with the union.

They’ve done a fantastic job visiting schools across the state, talking with their colleagues and fellow members about the main priorities for upcoming collective bargaining. 

As a result of these conversations, about 800 new members from the education sector have joined the United Voice family!

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FWC says "yeah, nah - you owe these guys $13,000"

$13,000 back pay!Security officers who were First Aid qualified were not receiving their allowance.

The First Aid Allowance recognises the valuable role these officers play in making their workplaces safer.

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Long Service Leave Win

Long service leave winAcross Australia wage theft is rife.

But as a member of United Voice, a Tasmanian cleaner knew when their entitlements were being denied.

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$10,000 in back pay

Stamping out wage theftSecurity officers in the Apple Isle have won their fight against wage theft.

These Tasmanians weren't letting blatant underpayment go unchecked - and together they did something about it.

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Cleaning Chemicals Concern Canberra Cleaners

Cleaning chemicals an be HEAPS dangerousCleaners are routinely exposed to dangerous chemicals in their work. Some can cause skin damage or are even carcinogenic.

Recently – a bunch of cleaners in the ACT reported to their Union that they had concerns about what was being used in their workplace.

And it’s lucky they did exercise that right as union members.

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Rocky Road to Job Security

You don't get me, I'm part of the unionWhen the contract for security at Rockhampton Airport changed companies, the new contractor tried to con a United Voice member out of a job.

Unfortunately for them ...the contractor didn’t know what they were up against, as this member just so happened to be the site’s workplace delegate.

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Being Union Immediately Pays Off

It pays to be in your UnionA graduate paramedic who joined United Voice in February quickly learned that it pays to be part of a union.

Soon after joining, this paramedic faced some issues while they were working as part of the huge emergency response effort at the Commonwealth Games.

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Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

Now we fight to win a job we can count onAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners working for the N.T. Government, have finally had the value of their profession recognised.

This historic win has seen them commence negotiations for their first enterprise agreement.

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Celebratory CHEERS in Bundy

Congrats to Tavern Workers in Bundy!United Voice delegate Brian has helped win a pay rise for tavern workers that were short changed under an expired, non-union agreement with their Bundaberg employer.

Brian was concerned the conditions of his employer’s non-union agreement that expired in 2015 had fallen below the minimum entitlements in the Hospitality Award – and he was right.

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Missing Pay Cleaned Up

Pay You Can Count OnA Canberra cleaning contractor didn’t pay 40 cleaning staff for the public holiday period. 

Who knows what the boss was thinking...? 

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1 million reasons to celebrateUnited Voice members in the Northern Territory are proud of the wins they’ve had over the past year in the fight for jobs you can count on.

But wages shouldn’t have to be fought for in Australia – bosses should pay workers what they’ve earned.

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Questions For Bill In Cairns

Bill & JenJen, empowered Union member that she is, wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to speak on behalf of her community about the importance of having a job you can count on.

At a town hall meeting in Cairns last week, United Voice delegate Jen Miran felt confident in asking Bill Shorten how we can create jobs that are sustainable, secure and meet the cost of living.

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Spotless ordered to pay over $200,000

Spotless Case UpdateThe Federal Court has ordered contract cleaning company Spotless to pay more than $209,000 in redundancy and notice compensation to its former workers, following a legal challenge by union United Voice.

Under the court order, Spotless has until 11 May to pay all entitlements plus interest to 21 former workers previously employed by the company on the Sunshine Coast.

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Aged Care Workers Win Big

Good on ya Daphne!This is a huge win for Stanthorpe aged care members of United Voice!

Aged care workers like Daphne faced cuts of up to 25 hours or $542 a fortnight under changes her employer, Churches of Christ, tried to bring in.

But Daphne and her colleagues weren't having that...

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PM coughs up SOME of what is owed

Qld health workers deserve a job they can count onHealth workers have faced more pressure at work and potential job insecurity because the Turnbull Government is withholding health funding it owes Queenslanders.

United Voice Queensland members banded together, along with colleagues in other unions, to put pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to stop ripping off Queensland hospitals.

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