Fair Redundancy When Work's No More

Additional Week's PayA Tasmanian cleaner was made redundant whilst on workers compensation.

While the state’s legislation is unclear on the issue, the United Voice member wasn’t giving up without a fight.

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A Delicious Win

Caterer settles with former employerAfter working in catering at the same site for 18 years, a United Voice member lost her job.

The current contractor at the site had refused to pay her Long Service Leave for four years.

After her long period of service – the member wasn’t going to take that.

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3,000 Reasons To Celebrate

Allowance now paid :)A United Voice member, who works as a pharmacy assistant at a regional Queensland hospital, missed out on the allowance she is entitled to receive for training.

She was out of pocket for more than four years’ worth of training allowance in total.

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Ending Wage Theft at Wilson Security

Wilson Seccos Win Against Wage Theft

Last week Wilson Security guards in the Northern Territory won back $50,000 in wage theft.

The guards were underpaid for overtime over a period of seven months.

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Firefighting Win

Firefighter fights and win

After many months, a firefighter in the Northern Territory has just won a big case with the backing of his union, United Voice.

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A Win Decades In The Making

Seccos win pay riseWhere a Government insists on privatising services; it should never be a worker in that service who pays a price.

But that’s exactly what a former South Australian Liberal Government decided to enforce on security guards by excluding them from a wage parity agreement with their equivalents in public health.

That was until now. These guards have just had a massive win.

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Laundry Workers Get What They're Owed

Staff Win Back PayUnited Voice members perform many roles in our hospitals and health system – including working in laundries that provide our hospitals and other businesses with clean linen.

Spotless workers recently won backpay for a meal allowance that was underpaid.

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Back pay win post-pay rise

Helen wins back $799United Voice member and personal carer Helen joined her union over concerns the aged care centre she worked at was ripping off workers.

When Helen resigned from her job, the aged care provider tried to short change her on back pay she was owed as the result of a pay rise.

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Aged Care Workers Win Rest


Aged Care Workers Win Right To Rest

Aged care workers have an important job caring for our elderly, and it’s vital they can do this in a safe and healthy environment.

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SA Hairdresser wins back pay

Susan is UnionSusan, a trade qualified hairdresser working in Country Health, recently discovered she was on the wrong pay level. 

With her Union, she did something about it.

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Cooking Up a Job You Can Count On

Be Union - Stop Wage TheftWorking as a chef is really tough. Even tougher when you're facing massive underpayment and wage theft.

Luckily for this apprentice in Tasmania, he was part of his Union.

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Contract staff - this is kind of a big deal!

Contract Workers - A Job You Can Count OnThe Federal Court has ruled for the first time that Spotless' refusal to pay redundancy to long-serving employees sacked at the end of a services contract is unlawful.

This helps make jobs in contracting industries jobs you can count on.

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Hospital cleaners FINALLY win a pay rise

Linda Morrison - Cleaner and WINNERCleaners like Linda have taken a big step towards ensuring theirs is a job they can count on.

"We didn't want to [strike], this is a hospital ... but we were pushed into a corner," Linda said.

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Fighting back against wage theft

Territory Members Fight Back

Wage theft is rife across the territory, but union members are standing up because they know their own worth.

Everyone deserves to be paid fairly for the work that they do.

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A Uniting win

Uniting Educators bargain and WIN86% of educators in these centres have voted yes to a new Enterprise Agreement. 

Congratulations NSW Uniting members - you've stood together to be valued for your work - and you've won! 

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Queensland ambos win pay rise

Matt MaCann - Ambo

Ambulance officers in Queensland recently received a pay rise that puts them on par with ambos across Australia.

This pay rise recognises the skill and qualifications they need in their roles.

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Winning security and more hours

Kevin Pham is a delegate at Crown Casino Victoria
The best solution to job insecurity is a union agreement built on collective strength
That is my experience from Melbourne’s Crown Casino, where I’m a part-time dealer. I now enjoy greater job security under our new agreement.
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Sacked for a coffee

 Sacked for a coffee?

Some days, coffee is the only thing that will get you through the day. But when a cleaner in Sydney arrived early and had a cup of coffee while waiting for his shift to start, he was sacked!


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Winning secure jobs for our labour hire workers

Steven Bermingham is a delegate at Lion Dairy and Drinks

United Voice members at Lion Dairy and Drinks in Adelaide know that labour hire employees are vulnerable to exploitation and sudden loss of income. We were determined to solve that problem when we negotiated our recent enterprise agreement (EBA).

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