A win in The People's House

A win in the people's house

When a new cleaning company took over the contract at Parliament House, the workers were told to sign documents that they did not understand.

They were also asked to provide the company with their passport numbers – but not their tax file numbers or super details.

As members of their union, the cleaners knew this wasn’t right and they weren’t going to stand for it.

The cleaners and their union investigated their legal rights, and subsequently called on the Fair Work Commission to intervene.

Under this pressure, the company has since sent them proper letters of offer, which will stipulate the conditions that United Voice members needed clarification on: their hours of work, type of employment, wage rate, as well as proposed pay increases.

Everyone deserves a job you can count on, and these cleaners have moved toward securing theirs.

Join them in taking the first steps to securing yours here.

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