Rocky Road to Job Security

You don't get me, I'm part of the unionWhen the contract for security at Rockhampton Airport changed companies, the new contractor tried to con a United Voice member out of a job.

Unfortunately for them ...the contractor didn’t know what they were up against, as this member just so happened to be the site’s workplace delegate.

The new contractor tried to brush him off, sending a generic email thanking him for attending an interview and advising he had not been successful.

Only problem is – he never attended an interview, and wasn’t given any opportunity to apply for a job with the new company.

With support from United Voice advocating on his behalf, the member was able to gain a similar position with the new contractor and continue his work keeping Rockhampton travellers safe and secure.

Contract work can be horribly insecure, but with the backing of his union - this member secured a job he can count on.

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