Rules We Can Count On

As working people in Australia, there are laws we expect our employers to honour. These laws ensure that we get paid on time, return home safely, and are treated with respect each working day.

These laws however, often favour employers, big businesses and Australia’s highest income earners. Laws that allow penalty rates to be cut. That do not address the gender pay gap. That permit corporations earning billions to pay nothing in tax are evidence that something is out of balance. Laws meant to protect us are also often left unenforced. The Fair Work Ombudsman has 300 workplace inspectors who oversee the rights of 11 million workers. That’s not enough to ensure we’re all being treated fairly in the workplace.

United Voice is taking action to preserve and enforce the laws that protect workers. We’re also trying to change some of these rules to create a more equitable Australia.

Check out some of the national and state campaigns we’re running to ensure that you have a job you can count on:


Save Our Weekend

An aggressive employer campaign has succeeded in stripping back weekend work protections. Their campaign has made thousands of workers vulnerable to bosses who may be tempted to try to cut their weekend pay rates.

Australians know that the people who work hard on weekends to make sure the rest of us can enjoy our time off do not deserve a sudden pay cut. And they are ready to support these workers to prevent that from happening.

We're fighting to Save our weekend!

Save Our Weekend will continue to bring together weekend workers and supporters to fight these unfair and undeserved cuts.

Check out the Save Our Weekend page for more info


Big Steps

Everyone knows that education is the key to unlocking a child’s potential. Which means that every educator has an enormous responsibility. Yet early childhood educators are some of the lowest paid professionals in the country. It isn’t a coincidence that 97% of them are women, and that their pay can be as low as $20 an hour.

These wages do not reflect the value of their work or the value of the children for whom they care and educate. A responsible government would already have fixed this by funding equal pay for every educator.

Edcuators are walking off the job for Big Steps in early childhood education! 

Big Steps is putting pressure on politicians to create laws that benefit educators and the children they educate. We’re lobbying parliament and walking off the job to make our voice heard.

Check out the Big Steps page for more info.