Here's to a great result!

CHEERS TO WINNINGUnited you bargain. Divided you beg.

Never has this proved truer than at the Coopers Brewery in South Australia, where United Voice members have just won big wage increases and improvements in conditions in their latest Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

“After our hard work negotiating our last Agreement, negotiations this time were much smoother. We knew what we wanted and we were clear on our claims,” Delegate Tony Morgan said.

“We maintained all our conditions and got a fair pay rise, all locked in over a four year Agreement,” he said.

As well as a minimum 3% increase every year for four years, all other conditions of employment were maintained or improved.

“The new Agreement had to take into consideration the expansion of the factory and the new malting plant,” Tony said.

“We came out with the result we wanted.”

And what’s the first step in improving work conditions so yours is a job you can count on? JOIN YOUR UNION.

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