A Win Decades In The Making

Seccos win pay riseWhere a Government insists on privatising services; it should never be a worker in that service who pays a price.

But that’s exactly what a former South Australian Liberal Government decided to enforce on security guards by excluding them from a wage parity agreement with their equivalents in public health.

That was until now. These guards have just had a massive win.

Last year United Voice members in the public sector were successful in their Secure Jobs campaign for a new agreement. For the first time, security officers were included in a clause for wage parity.

This corrects a decision made decades ago by the Olsen Liberal Government to exclude security officers from wage parity in Public Health.

United Voice never stopped fighting for wage parity for our security officers.

“It was a great thing for the union and all the members to work so hard on over all those years,” Security Guard Barry said.

“And now that hard work has come to fruition.”

Wage parity means a minimum 17% wage increase for Security Officers in SA Health contract security services.

The Weatherill Labor Government agreed to include security officers in public health under the following wage parity clause in the new Public Sector Agreement:

“Any renewal, extension of or new contracts from 1 July 2018 (of already outsourced or contracted out work) will be entered in to between the Employer and the Contractor on the basis that employees of the Contractor must be paid no less favourably for the hours worked as set out in the SA Government Wages Parity (Weekly Paid) Enterprise Agreement 2017 (or its successor).”

The SA Government has advised that the date of extension, renewal or change of contract is 1 July 2018.

Well done to all involved in taking a huge step to ensure yours is a job you can count on.

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