A Society We Can Count On

Our quality of life is not only dictated by the job we’re in. It is also the product of the community we live in and of the decisions and policies of our Government. Those policies can either foster or limit our rights and entitlements as Australians.

Historically, unions have always fought for equality under the law for all Australians. The rise of neoliberalism and corporate power means this battle is still going strong.

almost a third of the biggest businesses in Australia pay less than 10% tax

This is significantly lower than what they rightfully should.

If these businesses were paying the rate they should, it would introduce more than $8 billion into our economy.

Allowing big business to get away with tax evasion is not only unfair; it deprives our society of revenue that our health and education sectors desperately need. We’ve spoken out against tax evasion and are continuing to ramp up our efforts under the Jobs You Can Count On banner.

The continued privatisation of our most crucial public services also affects our ability to thrive in society. Privatisation is often associated with poor service, poor availability, rising costs for consumers and lower pay for workers.

When public services are privatised, we end up paying for something that is less reliable, less accountable and less transparent than it was before. For workers, such poor management can be fatal. Our union has fought and won against exploitative private employers. but we need to continue to put pressure on the Government to stop an unchecked privatisation agenda.

And while our fight for equality is largely focused on our working lives, broader equality is also union business. Most recently, we have firmly supported our LGBTIQA+ community and the right for all Australians to marry who they love.

We’re proud to stand for what’s right: for our members and all Australians.

By joining your union, you’re helping build a society we can count on.