One win on the road to a bigger one

A win at the casinoCasino workers at Star Gold Coast are in the process of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations to determine their pay and conditions in a new agreement.

Due to the fact the negotiations have gone past the expiry of the previous agreement, and the new financial year is the traditional time staff would receive a pay rise, the bargaining team requested an interim pay rise from Star for a show of good faith.

As a result, the company agreed to give every team member under the agreement a 1.5 per cent interim pay rise from July 2.

This amount is only a portion of the total pay rise to come, as the final amount is still to be determined in the bargaining process. The Star management team also agreed to back pay the final sum to July 2. 

This shows that negotiations are progressing well, and will provide some pay stability for United Voice members while bargaining continues.  

Workers at Star can only achieve this because they've banded together in their union. If you want to be part of that in your workplace - join here. 

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