Tallebudgera Teacher Aides win secure hours

Teacher aides at Tallebudgera State School on the Gold Coast have never been able to secure more than 26 hours per week of work. 

When new hours recently became available, they were told the school would hire new teacher aides instead of offering them the additional hours.

For the first time ever, the school’s delegate sought advice from United Voice, and was able to negotiate with the school administration to achieve three great outcomes for their colleagues, including:

  • 30 hours per week for five teacher aides who wanted additional hours
  • 9  temporary teacher aides were converted to permanent
  • 5 teacher aides who had the required qualifications to advance to the next level were able to do.

This is an outstanding result for these teacher aides, which will go a long way to ensuring they have jobs they can count on with secure hours and pay. 

Join your union to win jobs you can count on!

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